A Brief History

I didn't have the internet until my sophomore year of high school, which at the time wasn't completely unheard of, but my house was never really with technology. As a result, my introduction to new media was delayed. High school wasn't spent with new media, but with science. But when I finally got the internet (the jump right to broadband), biology and chemistry began to take a back seat.
All of a sudden I was looking at websites that MOVED, made sounds, and reacted in ways other than just a link to a new page. While most were hard research and experimentation, my final science project was a sampling of users interacting with these sites and recording their results. I was more or less laughed at when I had presented at the Long Island Science Congress, "soft research" it was called.
With science becoming a dwindling interest, new media began to grow. Armed with an "educational" version of Flash 4 and a book on flash I began diving into flash animation. This changed an interest into a hobby, and then when I began my college search, my hobby then became my pursuit.
I decided to attend Drexel University in Philadelphia due to the newly formed Digital Media program. It was led by professors who were both passionate about new media, and practitioners. Additionally, Drexel's Co-Op program was a major selling point, not only would I receive an education, but I would actually apply what I learned at an actual job. Pretty sweet deal!
By the end of college I had gained a wealth of knowledge on new media, a vast set of skills, and most importantly a strong passion for media in all its forms.